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LifePulse Professional

with Programmable Full Frequency Software
and 3 Different Rife Modalities

After 15 years of research we have combined the BEST OF ALL WORLDS:
The LifePulse Professional is a the very latest evolution of a Decades of Instrumentation and Clinical Application. LifePulse Pro is a Synthesis of the time-tested Rife Technology expressed in 3 different Modalities: Classical Rife Broadcast (hand-held), Electrical Rife Pad/Rod and PlasmaElectrical Rife/Lymphatic Drainage Technology. LifePulse is fully equipped to handle the increasing levels acute and chronic conditions and adds the primary value of addressing high levels of toxicity while nourishing the body.

• ALL NEW! Glass Tube, Hand-Held “Rife Broadcast” Technology
• “Rod/Plate” Rife Technology
• Plasma-Electrical Lymphatic Drainage
• Full-Frequency Programmable Software
• New! RF Sound Probe Now with Infra-Red
• Third Harmonic Frequency Option
• Pause/Pulse Varible Selection
• Advanced Computer Circuitry
• Professional Design and Appearance


Special Price $4400

LifePulse Pro offers a Full Range of Programmable Frequency Selections with 3 Classical Rife Modalities in ONE! It combines classical Rife RadioWave Broadcast Technology with Rife Electrode Rod/Plate Technology and adds the unique value PlasmaElectrical Rife Technology for deep and natural Tissue Cleansing and Lymphatic Drainage.

LifePulse Pro uniquely uses Hand-Held Noble Gas Tubes to broadcast Rife Frequencies.

This is because LifePulse Pro delivers more nourishing lower frequency RadioWave (RF) Carrier at 86 KHz. This 86 KHz Carrier Frequency is more bio-available and allows for hands-on deep penetration of Rife Frequencies with (Argon/Xenon/Krypton) Noble-Gas Glass Tubes applied DIRECTLY ONTO THE BODY. This avoids the tremendous energy loss and inefficiency with broadcasting at a distance of up to several feet with conventional Rife and contemporary Rife-Bare instruments.

LifePulse Pro also uses the latest Brass Rod/Plate Rife Technology for fast-current electrical delivery of frequencies. A TENS-like Electrical Current carries the Programmable Frequencies deep into the body through the Acupuncture Meridians. This type of Rife Technology was introduced in the 1950's and there have been many contemporary makers ever since.

Of course LifePulse Pro also incorporates the 10 year time-tested cleansing and nourishing value of the Ultra Photon Sound Beam VIII + Plasma-Electrical Rife Noble Gas Technology.... to enhance Classical Rife Modalities with the very best in Lymphatic and Tissue Cleansing, ideal for concluding each session. LifePulse Pro introduces (1) an all new Infra-Red RF Sound Probe, (2) a completely upgraded Dual Output Transformers (BiPolar Ouput to the Glass Electrodes), and (3) advanced Pulsation Control with separate ON and OFF duration control knobs.

LifePulse Pro: New Technology for New Times!

This is a historically significant time on all levels. No one can debate this. This means historically toxic levels of pollution on all levels, too!

Ayurvedic Physicians (www.ayur.com) and most of us agree that the most significant issues of health in the Western world is “toxicity” and “excess”. This means we must cleanse the body as the basis of any comprehensive health program.

This is why we have focused our attention on Lymphatic Drainage technologies such as the Photon Sound Beam since 1994. The Ultra Photon Sound Beam VIII is a time-tested Lymphatic Drainage and Rife/Lakhovsky Instrument with pure and rich frequency harmonics. It excels as a wholistic Rife Technology because it adds the overwhelming value of tissue and fluid cleansing to the antiseptic applications of classical Rife Technology.

Simply devitalizing pathogens in the body is not enough, and can generate a powerful detoxification response .... Yet many people have health conditions which demand crisis intervention with more powerful allopathic approaches such as that which Royal Raymond Rife adequately demonstrated in the 1930s and moreover, the work of Georges Lakhovsky in the 1920's.

LifePulse Pro combines the popular Rife Technologies which are available today into one safe, convenient comprehensive instrument simple enough for anyone to use. And comprehension means saving time, energy and money!

LifePulse Pro has THREE COMPONENTS: (1) the RF Broadcaster (Glass Tube),

(2) PlasmaElectric Broadcaster (Glass Tube), and (3) the Rife Electrical (Rod/Plate) Unit.

Each of these THREE COMPONENTS is a powerful instruments in itself. Together these advanced technologies offer a powerfully synergistic value all in one unit! LifePulse Pro is an ideal for sequencing lymphatic/tissue cleansing with the PlasmaElectrical Component with a more aggressive Rife RF Broadcast and/or Rife Electrical Rod/Pad delivery.

The Electrical Delivery through the Rods and Pads can break up energetic patterns in the body while carrying pathogen-devitalizing frequencies. Rods and Pads may be used AT THE SAME TIME as the RF Broadcast Glass Tubes. There are controls for Pulsation Length and Pause.

The RF Broadcaster component delivers these frequencies via a background RadioWave (RF) Carrier Signal at bio-compatible levels (86 KHz) so that Glass Tube Applicators can be put directly onto the body! The RF Carrier can deeply penetrate the waveforms and harmonics contained within the Rife frequencies and others selected as well as their rich harmonics.

THIS IS A WHOLE NEW MODALITY OF RIFE BROADCAST!! LifePulse Pro offers an entirely new level of Bio-Compatible Frequency Broadcasting.

Using Hand-Held, Broadcasting Glass Applicators which are applied directly to the body is a significant upgrade over Classical Rife Instruments which broadcast at several feet in distance. The close proximity to the body of the RF Broadcast can vastly improve the bio-availability of both the subtle and gross aspects of the broadcast which can be lost over larger distances.

Distance factors are always a priority in ElectroMedicine, and by lowering the overall Radio-Wave Carrier Frequency from several million cycles per second down to 86,000 Hz (86 KHz),

a unique quality of energy and technology is generated. We are very excited about this aspect of the 3 different components of LifePulse Pro. It provides a more nourishing yet more effective delivery of Rife Frequencies which are delivered by a Radio-Wave Carrier.

IN ADDITION! We have completely upgraded the Lymphatic Drainage Rife/Lakhovsky Technology of the Ultra Photon Sound Beam VIII component in LifePulse Pro by launching the ALL NEW! Bi-Polar Dual Tesla Coil. This is the primary component of Plasma-Electrical Instruments and creates nourishing bio-electrical levels of current to de-congest the fluids and tissues with a process called “Electrical Disassociation”. These upgrades result in a deeper penetration of the frequency-carriers and harmonics (“RF Drift”).

LifePulse Pro comes with FULL FREQUENCY PROGRAMMING and is already set-up with a few pre-selected programs. LifePulse Pro is equipped to handle up to 50 Programs with 10

Frequencies each....Custom Programming is available! FULL INSTRUCTIONS and an

easy-to- view “QUICK CHART” are included.


Special Price $4400

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List Price: $4700.00
Price: $4400.00

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