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The Essential Photon Sound Beam includes most of the 16 upgrades over the original, single-frequency Photon Sound Beam developed in 1994. It has Pulse Rate Control, a primary Universal Rife Frequency (728 hz), 2 Noble Gas glass applicators (Argon, Xenon, Krypton), and can be traded-up to an Ultra Photon Sound Beam VIII. This technology includes the value of the 3-IN-1 Vitalizer and the Parasite Zappet and.adds so much more! Powerful Lymphatic Drainage, Increased Circulation, Enhanced Immune Function, Thorough/Natural/Gentle Detoxification, Renewed Cellular Resonance and Cellular Energy States, and the Devitalization of Pathogens and Parasites! The most Comprehensive and Economical Vibrational Energy Technology Available!

The Essential Photon Sound Beam an affordable Compact Easy to Use Photon Sound Beam State-of-the-Art Noble Gas Rife/Lymph/ Parasite Technology at almost HALF the cost of the Ultra Photon Sound Beam VIII.

The Ultra Photon Sound Beam VIII has birthed a simple, easy-to-use, compact BioElectric Resonance Instrument with all of the primary features of the more expensive model. It has a refined circuitry design and includes:

Noble Gas Glass Applicators with Xenon, Argon and Krypton
RF Sound Probe with Dual Crystal Oscillators in Phi Ratio
Variable Pulse Rate
728 Hz Universal Rife Frequency
External (EMF Protected) External 110/220 Power Regulator

The Essential Photon Sound Beam provides a nourishing and deeply penetrating bio-electrical energy field which moves the lymph and dis-associates congested cells and protein matter in the body. It opens up all the energy and information channels to relieve congestion. All dis-ease can be attributed to the congestion of energy flow due to the blockages created by toxins in the body.

The 728 universal Rife frequency has been found after 6 years of contemporary clinical application to be the most beneficial as a universal carrier of harmonic frequencies. This provides a full spectrum of thousands of simultaneous harmonic frequencies that re-established the unique ideal resonance the healthy cells of the body while devitalizing the pathogens.

The Essential Photon Sound Beam is an advancement over earlier models of the Photon Sound Beam that utilize a single carrier frequency and a single pulse-rate. It includes all of the circuitry upgrades of the Ultra Photon Sound Beam VIII with a variable pulse-rate control, Noble Gas glass applicators, with 3 different gases, and an external 110/220 to 12 volt power regulator which protect the base unit from chaotic electromagnetic pollution. It also includes the all new RF Sound Probe with 4 times the power output and with two quartz crystal radiowave oscillators which increase the penetration of the Universal Rife Frequency of 728 hertz. These radiowave carrier Frequencies are in Ratio or Golden Mean Ratio with one another found ubiquitous in all Nature.

The Essential Photon Sound Beam is the very latest refinement of 20 years of contemporary evolution in Rife and Lymph Technology, and over 60 years of advancement of the work of Tesla, Rife, Abrams, and Lakhovsky, pioneers in Vibrational Energy Technologies.

The Essential Photon Sound Beam includes nutritional and technical support and a trade in offer for the Ultra Photon sound Beam VIII Twice the technology for half the price of all other mono-pulse, one frequency, single knob units!For more detailed information on Noble Gas/Lymph Technology, please Refer to the literature on the Ultra Photon Sound Beam VIII

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List Price: $1395.00
Price: $1395.00

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