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Photon Sound Beam: Contemporary Evolution

In 1994 Ed Skilling combined the more penetrating Light Ion Beam Tube with the Sound Probe all into one unit, and his marketing team at that time named it the Photon Sound Beam. Since 1996 a research team specializing in electrophysiology, contemporary electrical engineering, radionics, subtle energy, and sacred geometry, refined this comprehensive technology as the Ultra Photon Sound Beam VIII. Along with a high-powered dual-oscillating (Phi Ratio) RF Sound Probe attachment, the Ultra Photon Sound Beam VIII has an “RF mode” for the Xenon, Argon, and Krypton glass applicators which adds “broad-band radiowave enhanced” electrical field room-broadcasting. The UPSB VIII adds Universal Rife Frequency selection, sweep frequency, pulse rate control and an external 12 volt transmitter to minimize electromagnetic pollution.

In 2001, new “Wave-Form” Technology is being developed in the form of a Clinical Model which adds waveform refinements and such things as voice-broadcast sampling, pulse length modulation and soft laser emission. Meanwhile, an economically focused Essential Photon Sound Beam has been created with a primary Universal Rife Frequency, pulse control and all the primary features of the UPSB VIII. In addition “holographic radionics” (BioMirror Plus) can now augment both models of the Photon Sound Beam, adding the subtle energy of bothe “intention” and a “biological sample” to the output. Thus one treat remotely at a distance or to powerfully enhance an individual session. In this way, Rife and LakheuskyTechnology has been expanded to include Lymph Technology and Subtle Energy Technology. This adds the benefits of bio-electrical and frequency nourishment, detoxification, rejuvenation, and regeneration all at the same time on both the subtle and physical levels.

In a world filled with unpredictability and toxins at all levels, the trend towards the “nourishment model” of health (rather than allopathic approaches) is imperative. Nourishing the powerful self-healing intelligence of our bodies has much deeper and long-lasting benefits than allopathically forcing a change of existing symptoms alone. Symptoms are simply the body communicating to us about much deeper levels of physiological and energetic imbalance.

Meanwhile since l994,(focusing more on the allopathic model) so-called Rife-Bare instruments have emerged as modern day versions of Rife’s original Beam Tube. Utilizing an extremely high frequency and high-powered radiowave carrier at over 300 watts, these units transmit Rife frequencies absent of biological electrical energy at a distance through the air. Unfortunately, even though they can devitalize and microcurrent to disassociate congested cells and protein matter and encourage lymphatic drainage such as with Noble Gas Lymph/Rife instruments. Killing pathogenic micro-organisms without effective detoxification imposes a toxic burden upon the body which is the root of the problem to begin with. In addition, the body cannot integrate high levels of power such as this (similar to that of cell-phones and microwave ovens) and in fact, to devitalize the pathogens, especially if the energy is applied directly onto the body such as with Rife/Lymph instruments. High frequency/high energy Rife broadcasting is an allopathic approach, and therefore it does have a clinical value for very advanced issues for brief periods in order to “buy some time” until more nourishing approaches can be applied.

The future of Vibrational Energy Technologies must include the nourishment model to health. As with any approach to health, a more conscious path to take is to put the attention on creating wellness with natural bio-electrical energy and harmonically-rich frequency information rather than simply eliminating pathogen. Creating an ideal biochemical and electrochemical terrain with the body automatically eliminates the opportunity for pathogens and dis-ease. Perhaps the destruction of pathogenic micro-organisms in Rife’s model can be better perceived as that of creating specific electrical qualities (such as current and impedance) associated with each Rife carrier frequency which creates a deleterious biological terrain for these micro-organisms.

Perhaps we need to rethink our understanding of viruses and bacteria as intelligent organisms that have the job of feeding upon and cleaning up toxins and debris that we have created in our bodies, that “self-destruct” in a non-viable biochemical (ph) and electrochemical environment. Nourishment, detoxification, re-building, rejuvenation and regeneration are the keys to creating perfect health.

Our bodies have an unlimited self-healing and regenerative potential. Vibrational Energy Technologies such ass Noble Gas Rife/Lymph instruments can encourage this potential in a dramatic way. They offer exciting new vistas in Alternative Health now and far into the future.(Read More)



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