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....Welcome to the exciting world of Energy Medicine, also called Electro-Medicine!

Since there are only a few websites and very little information in the open literature, we suggest you spend a moment to educate yourself about Energy Medicine by categorizing the long list of instruments available today so that you can make a more conscious choice so suit your individual needs. You may also contact us for more information.

We can divide these Vibrational Energy Medicine instruments into 3 overall categories:

(1) Bio-Energetic, (2) Bio-Resonance, and (3) Subtle Energy.

Bio-Resonance therapies use biofeedback micro-currents and milli-voltages to “debug” distorted frequency waveforms resulting from trauma and energetic patterning in our body’s cellular memory. Subtle Energy therapies use biological “witness” samples to remotely broadcast changes in the Bio-Energy Field.

Most common are Bio-Energetic Instruments which use Electomagnetic Fields, Bio-Electricity and Light to stimulate or induce natural biological responses. Many of us are already aware of TENS units have been used for pain relief for decades.

Far beyond this level is an emerging new genre of Bio-Energetic Instruments which focus on nourishment as well as symptomatic relief. Nourishing the body with harmonically rich frequency carrier waves can re-establish the normal cellular resonance.

Extremely low bio-electrical currents in the micro-amperage range can gently re-establish ideal electrical potency and polarity to dramatically de-congest the body. Hence our premier technology the Photon Sound Beam which comes in two up-tradable models.

The work of Royal Raymond Rife abounds on the Internet, but is overly-focused. We can do much more than the glamorize popularizing heros of the past, by advancing technologies into the 21st Century and introducing “Quantum Mechanical BioPhysics” and “Advanced WaveForm Technologies”. See our all new LifePulse Pro clinical model which comprehends all existing Rife Technologies, has Full-Frequency Programming, and adds the cleansing benefit of Plasma Electrical Disassociation with the Photon Sound Beam.

Actually, health becomes very simple with Energy Medicine. There are really no negative side effects + Most of these Vibrational Energy Instruments are best considered “Energy Supplements”. Energy and Information work hand in hand; the type of energy delivered to the body and the frequency/ waveform are the two fundamental factors of Energy Medicine.
See BioAvailability the Essence of ElectroMedicine.

We have been educating/promoting/supporting the use of Vibrational Energy Instruments for over 16 years. We suggest you introduce yourself to Energy Medicine by going to our Articles Section and our Nutritional Support Section of this site. Most importantly PLEASE refer to our 4 Audio Cassette Offer with over 50 pages of Literature for $10.

PLEASE REMEMBER to CALL or EMAIL us if you have any questions.

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